Saturday, April 3, 2010

NUTS! Brown Ale - Kegging

Today I finally got around to transfering my NUTS! Brown Ale that I brewed on St Patricks day from secondary to keg. It had spent 10 days in primary and then a further 6 days in Secondary. It had a final gravity of 1012 which meant an ABV of 4.58%. Recipe can be found here

Here are a few pics:

Racking using my auto-siphon:

Transfer nearly complete, approximately 16 litres went into the corny keg:

Close up of the beer in the line, looks very clear and the colour is what I wanted for my brown ale:

Corny keg was then transferred to my keggerator where it will cold condition for 3-4 days before I start to force carbonate. To achieve a carbonation level of around 2.2 I will typically force carb at 14-15 psi for 3 days.

It should be ready for the first taste test next weekend.

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