Thursday, June 14, 2012

AG #15 BBQ Pale Ale

BBQ Pale Ale
10-A American Pale Ale
Author: Mark

Size: 20.16 L
Efficiency: 70.0%
Attenuation: 72%

Original Gravity: 1.046 (1.045 - 1.060)
Terminal Gravity: 1.013 (1.010 - 1.015)
Color: 17.74 (9.85 - 27.58)
Alcohol: 4.3% (4.5% - 6.0%)
Bitterness: 46.4 (30.0 - 45.0)

4000 g Maris Otter
200 g Crystal 30 (60 EBC)
200 g Carapils®/Carafoam®
18 g Chinook (13.0%) - added during boil, boiled 60 m
23 g Cascade (5.5%) - added during boil, boiled 15 m
1 tsp Irish Moss - added during boil, boiled 15 m
10 g Apollo (19.8%) - added during boil, boiled 1 m
16 g Cascade (5.5%) - added during boil, boiled 1 m
15 g Amarillo (8.5%) - added during boil, boiled 1 m
1 ea Fermentis US-05 Safale US-05

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Brewing update

Lots happening on the brewing front over the last couple of weeks, but unfortunately no time to blog about it and so here is a quick update:

- Have been drinking my House IPA II that I brewed back in April. It's nice but I am not overly happy with it. I changed around the hops and also a little bit of the grain bill. Will probably roll back on one of these changes in the next version and see what the result is like.

- I brewed Red Hopper II and fermented and kegged this, currently carbonating in the kegerator. This fermentation went very smoothly 1056 OG and finished right on the money at 1014 to give an ABV of 5.5%. Looking forward to sampling this in a couple of weeks.

- Brewed another beer last weekend that I am calling my BBQ Pale Ale, why, because it is a pale ale and I brewed it for a BBQ I am having at the end of the month! I will post the recipe for this in a couple of days. What I was going for here was simply a light sessionable pale ale to balance out the hefty flavor of the other beer I will have on tap at the BBQ, Red Hopper II. This beer is currently being fermented in my new 5 Gallon glass carboy, this is the first time I have fermented in glass. It's pretty cool as it lets me see the fermentation in action: