Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Beer Review: Weihenstephaner Hefe Weissbier

Felt tonight like a nice refreshing Weissbier. I have tasted Weihenstephaner's heffeweissbier dunkel (that's a tongue twister) before, however I wasn't blown away by it. So having seen this beer in Tesco a couple of weeks ago I thought I would pick up a bottle to see what it was like.

Hefe Weissbier 5.4%, Bottle (Brewed by Weihenstephaner, Freising, Germany)

Pours a light, hazy golden colour with a substantial white cream head. The aroma is that of a classic Weissbier, strong banana aroma dominates courtesy of the yeast, really nice balanced aroma for this style. Medium bodied with a relatively low level of carbonation. Taste is not as nice as the appearance and aroma would suggest. Not sure if I can quite put my finger on it but it just lacks something, maybe it is a lack of complexity. A nice refreshing beer, however I do not think it is on a par with Hofbrau or Unertl's Weissbiers. Nothing particularly wrong with this beer, it just doesn't stand out. Probably not one that I would purchase again.

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