Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bring on the Bock!

Had the pleasure of sampling these two Bock's recently, this was my first taste of Bock beer and as you can see from the reviews below I really like this style. Will try to root out some more versions (any suggestions grateful) and I will certainly be trying to brew a bock myself in the near future.

Anchor Bock
Bock Beer 5.5%, Bottle (Brewed by Anchor Brewing Company)

Pours very dark, looks like a porter with a persistant tan head. Complex malt aroma with a nice balance of wheat and malt, hard to pick out the hops. Highly carbonated but with a smooth full bodied character. Absolutely beautiful burnt caramel flavour, a revelation! Bring on the bock. A beautiful beer totally unexpected but one I really like and will try to brew myself, as well as one that I would definitely highly recommend.

Unertl Weissbier Bock
Weissbier Bock 6.7%, Bottle (Brewed by WeissBrau Unertl)
Pours a muddy brown colour with a large fluffy tan head. Aroma similar to a traditional weissbier with a strong smell of ripe banannas. Medium to full bodied with a lovely velvety texture, carbonation not as strong as I would have expected. Beautifully smooth tasting beer, the strength is hidden by the velvetty texture and it really is what you would want from this style, nice warming feeling from the alcohol level comes through on the end. If this is representative of German bocks I need to delve more into this style. Highly recommended.

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