Friday, December 17, 2010

Headless Dog

Headless Dog from College Breen Brewery is one of a number of blonde ales that Irish breweries are producing, having already sampled Dungarvan's offering (Helvic Gold), next up it was time to give Headless Dog a second chance.

The beer pours a slightly unusual colour, orangey brown (?) and appears slightly cloudy. The nose reminds me of a hop I don't particularly like in pale ales (fuggles) however the label states that the beer is made with American cascade hops, having said that there is no hint of cascades from the aroma. Light bodied with a very refreshing mouth feel. Again no taste from the cascades, however you do get that bready taste from the munich malt. Again the only hops I can taste are fuggles. A nice, light, refreshing pale ale and would make a very good session beer, however if you are going to say you are using cascade hops, you need to use more than a token amount.

A grand refreashing pale ale, but I have to say probably not a beer I would buy again.

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