Friday, May 14, 2010

Beer Review: Headless Dog & Weltenburger Barock Hell

Two completely different beers today, the first a light hoppy ale from Ireland and the second a pilsner style beer from Germany.

First up is Headless Dog, brewed by College Green Brewery. This was a 500ml bottle and came in at a light 4.2%, the bottle description states it is a 'pale hoppy ale, with US cascade hops and munich malt'. Pours a light golden colour with a good frothy white head. Very hoppy aroma however the cascade hops seem to have gotten lost as I cannot pick them out at all. Medium bodied with a nice velvety mounthfeel and a good level of carbonation. Taste is more reminisent of an IPA rather than an APA. Overall a nice refreshing beer. Nice and hoppy, however if you are going to tease us by putting on the label that you used cascade hops, then give them a bit more prominence. A nice Irish pale ale, however it is not as good as Galway Hooker, but certainly worth a try.

Next up is Weltenburger Barock Hell (What a great name for a beer!), brewed by Braueri Bischofshof in Germany. This beer weighs in at a decent 5.6% and so probably not a session beer. It pours a lovely pale golden colour, crystal clear, a frothy white head is thin but consistent. Smells like all good German Pilsner type beers with a lovely aroma of noble hops. very light bodied without being thin. Nice and smooth on the palate. A refreshing light German pilsner beer with a lovely hoppy aroma. Although very drinkable, at 5.6%, probably not one for a long session, however I would highly recommend picking up a few bottles.


Barry M said...

That glass up top looks terribly familiar. I hope Geoff isn't reading these blogs :D

Mark (Halite) said...

Legitimatly purchased for the princely sum of €5. It's a great glass, I might buy a few more next time I'm in.

TaleOfAle said...

Actually B&C gets free advertising with those images floating around the internet.