Friday, July 30, 2010

Beer Review: Dungarvan Helvick Gold, Blond Ale

Following on from the delight that was Dungarvan's Black Rock Stout it was with anticipation that I opened the seond of their three offerings, Helvick Gold, a bottle conditioned and unfiltered blonde ale. I was not to be dissapointed.

Dungarvan's Helvick Gold,
highly recommended
Helvick Gold pours a light golden amber with a thick white head. It has a very hoppy aroma with hints of pine needles and citrus, it is a very enticing aroma. Light bodied with a very smooth clean taste on the palate. Very refreshing. The malt profile offers a good platform for the hops to shine and like the aroma the pine and citrus are present in the taste with a nice subtle level of bitterness on the end.

As with their Black Rock Stout, Dungarvan have brewed a very high quality, complex beer. The piney/citrussy flavour and aroma, coupled with the clean refreshing mouthfeel, make this the perfect summer session beer. Highly recommended.


ronoc said...

Just back from Dungarvan where I over indulged in this fine local brew. Great stuff, where can I get it in London ?


Mark (Halite) said...

Hi Conor, I don't think they are exporting their beer yet, however if you check out their website they have a full list of stockists.