Monday, August 23, 2010

Beer Review: Sierra Nevada Unrivalled

No in depth notes on this one but I'll give my impressions. The Bull & Castle managed to source a small keg of Sierra Nevada's Unrivalled last week and I managed to have a pint before it sold out. This is a smoked rye beer that came out of the Sierra Nevada Beer Camp last year.

The Beer Camp is where Sierra Nevada bring together a group of competition winners for a brewery tour and this group also gets to determine what beer will be brewed on that particular day, the group then also names the beer. In order to enter the competition you simply send Sierra Nevada your entry (essay, video, audio etc) on why you should be picked to attend beer camp.

The beer pours a dark brown with a slight amber hue, it has a lovely hop aroma. The taste is light and refreshing with a nice subdued level of smokiness. Beer is very nice, light with a nice balance of smoke and hops. I would think this would be a great summer beer, however at 6.3% not one to drink all day.

A really interesting and flavoursome beer, pity we can't get more US kegged beer in Ireland!

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