Monday, August 9, 2010

Beer Review: Cutthroat Porter

I was browsing through my beer fridge last week looking for something to accompany a nice fillet steak I was having for dinner and decided that a nice porter would fit the bill. Not sure if it is from reading Zak Avery's blog but I am getting more interested in pairing beer and food and seeing how they can accompany each other.

Cutthroat Porter, a lovely balance
of dark malts and earthy hops
Cuttthroat Porter from Odell Brewing pours a lovely jet black with a creamy tan head. Lovely smooth mouthfeel and nice low level of carbonation that fizzes slightly on the back of your throat. The aroma is nicely balanced between the dark malts (choclate and roasted malt) and the earthy hops. The taste highlughts the dark malts once again with the chocolate less apparent than in other porters I have tried. There is also a very slight astringency on the end. Overall, like the aroma, the flavour is very well balanced. Smooth and creamy like a stout but with the flavour complexity you would expect from a good porter.

This is a very good beer. A perfect beer to enjoy with a nice steak, or at 4.8% it would also make a great session beer. I have really enjoyed the two Odell beers I have tried so far, this and the St Lupulin Extra Pale Ale, thankfully I have a few more in the fridge to try.


Ilya Feynberg said...


I haven't had the pleasure of trying the Cutthroat Porter just yet, though it sounds like a pretty damn good pairing for a steak.

I'm not sure if you have easy access to anything Oskar Blue's, but if you can get your hands on some cans of their Old Chub, grill up some've got it made. I typically don't go out and try to pair food and beer, and this pairing was one done by accident honestly, but it's one you should try. It's a Scotch Ale by the way.

But it seems that Porters always pair well with red meat :)


Mark (Halite) said...

Thanks for the comment Ilya. I have heard of Oskar Blue's but unfortunately I have never seen any of their beers available in Ireland. I'll keep looking out for it as it seems that recently we are getting a better selection of US beers available in some of the speciality off-licenses. Thanks for the recommendation.