Monday, May 10, 2010

Bar Review: Bull & Castle, Dublin

A quick bar review today. For any of you living in Dublin or planning a visit, the Bull & Castle Gastro Pub and Beer Hall should be on every beer geeks itinerary. On Saturday night myself and seven friends decided that a steak dinner and some quality beers was the perfect night out, having been to the Bull & Castle on a number of occasions I suggested this as our destination and we were not disappointed.

The night began with a pre-dinner pint of the house Ale, Buckley's, a light hoppy pale ale. Weighing in at only 3.8% it is the perfect way to start a session. This in the most part was met with approval and a number of us stayed on the Buckley's for the next two or three pints. There was also those who tried some of the bars extensive range of bottled beers, Leffe and Weihenstephaner were sampled and enjoyed. Other members of the group tried some of the other draught beers available including Staropramen and Paulaner.

After a few pints of Buckley's I decided to stay with the pale ale and had a nice pint of O'Hara's IPA, this was very light and hoppy with a strong perfume aroma, certainly an interesting beer however I found the perfume aroma a little overpowering. After the O'Hara's I went for the tried and tested Galway Hooker, a lovely hoppy Irish Pale Ale and certainly one that should be tried by everybody who can get their hands on it.

Dinner was very enjoyable with seven out of the group of eight deciding that when in a bar owned by a butcher that you should always go for the steak. Everybody enjoyed their meal thoroughly and the rib eye steak that I had was fantastic. Dessert was by-passed in favour of a round of Mojito's.

A great night was had by all, and should you have the chance I would highly recommend a visit.


TaleOfAle said...

What is that code at the bottom of the article? F2ZU37WQ99G3
Some sort of super secret spy stuff?

Mark (Halite) said...

Reuben, I could tell you but then I'd have to.....
To be honest it is just a code that is used to verify you as the author in order to be added to one of the blog directories, I can't even remeber which one!