Monday, August 2, 2010

Beer Review: Jagged Edge IPA and Midnight Sun Porter

A night out in Dublin's latest gastro pub offered the perfect opportunity to sample a couple of beers I had not tried before. L Mulligan, Grocer based on Manor Street on Dublin's Northside represents a new twist on an old pub. Specialising in good quality food and a selection of Irish and International craft beers Mulligan's is a welcome addition to the growing number of specialised craft pubs in Dublin.

Mulligan's has a fantastic array of Irish craft beers on tap, including; Ór, Galway Hooker, Molly's Chocolate Stout, Porterhouse Plain, O'Hara's Stout and Belfast Blonde. These taps are complemented by a vast array of local and international bottled beer.

The Galway Hooker tap is impressive, to say the least.

So onto the beers of choice for the evening.

Jagged Edge IPA

Highly hopped American IPA that packs a punch at 7.3%. The aroma is all about the hops, piney and earthy on the nose, this follows through to the taste, coupled with a medium body and low level of carbonation. The upfront hop flavour and aroma is quikly washed away by a sea of alcohol. At this strength the hops really do not get the chance to fully shine before the rising warmth from the alcohol overpowers them. A nice beer and one that I enjoyed, but I certainly would not have more than one or two. Definitely one to try.

Midnight Sun Porter, fantastic!
Midnight Sun Porter
Spicy and sweet with a fantastic mouthfeel and body. Midnight Sun Porter is in a class of its own. It displays a lovely balance of malt; at one time chocolatey and the next roasty and this provides the perfect setting for the spicy hop profile. A very complex flavour profile that will be best appreciated at warmer serving temperatures, this is a fantastic beer and the first of the Williams Brothers brews that I have tried, I will certainly be looking to source some more.

Apart from these beers that I sampled my drinking buddies on the night enjoyed some Molly's Chocolate Stout, Galway Hooker, Ór and Hoegarden. A great night was had by all and if you are ever in Dublin looking for a good pub to tantalise your beer senses then you should certainly plan a visit to Mulligan's.

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