Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Beer Review: Chimay Tripel

Chimay Tripel, Not
a beer for me.
I have not got a huge amount of experience with beers from the low countries, although I have enjoyed some beers from Belgium in the past (Leffe and Afflingen in particular). However I have never really enjoyed any of the Chimay beers that I have tried and unfortunately the Tripel is no exception!

The beer pours a golden colour with a large white head and a high level of carbonation. Fine dark material in suspension is very apparent, I understand that this is a bottle conditioned beer, however I am not sure what this dark material is? This is a medium bodied beer with a very dry fininsh with a slight alcohol burn on the end (no surprise as it weighs in at 8%). Quite a strong yeasty taste with the dominant impression being the effect the suspended dark material has on the mouthfeel, not a nice one.

Not a beer for me. No real strong flavour profile that stands out. Also the yeast and suspended material leaves an aftertaste I do not like. Maybe it is a type of beer not suited to my palate, or maybe it is just not a good beer! Save your money for something else.


The Beer Nut said...

"Pères Trappistes" isn't actually the name of the beer: it says that on all the Chimay labels. The official name is at the top, either side of the shield "Triple / Tripel". Though it's generally known in English as Chimay White.

I'm not a fan of it either, for the same reasons.

Mark (Halite) said...

Thanks TBN, duly edited.