Monday, June 14, 2010

AG #2 - Steam Punk - First Taste Test

After only 7 days this beer had cleared
very well and fermented to 1008
I had the first taste test of my Steam Punk brew last night. This beer was brewed on the 23rd of May and it fermented very fast meaning that I transferred to a corny keg for conditioning after only 7 days. Ordinarily my beers get about 10 days in primary before being transferred to secondary or to the keg. However on this occasion the beer fermnented very fast and very low (finishing at 1008), it also was very clear after 7 days.

I had a few problems on the brew day for this beer and so I did not hold out great hope for how it would turn out. However I have to say that I was presently surprised when I had the first taste only 20 days after brew day.

Nice strong head, good colour
but quite a lot of chill haze.
It poured a lovely dark golden colour with a nice red hue. Very strong persistant white head looked great, however there was quite a bit of chill haze apparent. The aroma is of nice spicy hops with a sweet malt background. Carbonation is a little on the low side (has only been at 15 psi for three days) but the beer has a nice light and smooth mouthfeel. Light bodied and tastes a little green. Overall I am happy with this beer however I feel it is probably a bit young to get a true view of how it will turn out. Probably needs another day or two of carbonating and then a week conditioning in the fridge before the next taste.

Once I feel that the beer is at its peak I will do a comparison taste with Anchor Steam Beer. Due to the fact that the yeast I used was different I do not expect it to taste the same, however due to the fact that the grain bill and hops were the same it will be interesting to see if the two beers share any characterisitics.

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