Friday, May 28, 2010

Beer Review: Harviestoun Old Engine Oil

An unusual name for a beer? According to Harviestoun's website, when first brewed this dark thick beer reminded the breweries founder, Ken Brooker, of exactly that, old car engine oil. So he named the beer in honour of his love of all things automotive (he had previously worked as a prototype designer for Ford).

The beer pours a thick dark colour with a thin tan head. It has a lovely subtle aroma that gives hints of chocolate with a background of roasted barley. It is full bodied with a near syrupy texture that coats your mouth and throat. The low level of carbonation is perfect for this beer allowing all of the subtle flavours to come through. It has a very complex taste, with lovely hints of chocolate and roasted barley, and a very strong bitter aftertaste that balances everything beautifully. If you let this beer sit in your mouth for a few moments all of these lovely flavours come through.

Overall a very nice drink, complex flavours combine well to produce a very well balanced drinkable beer. At 6% it is certainly not a session beer, however I would highly recommend sitting down with a few bottles. I look forward to trying Harviestoun's other bottled offerings; Bitter & Twisted (Blond Beer) and Schiehallion (Lager Beer).

For those interested in trying to make a homebrew version of this, Harviestoun use Pale Malt, Roasted Barley and Oats, the hops used are galena, Fuggles and Kent Goldings.


The Beer Nut said...

I must be the only Irish beer blogger who doesn't have one of those Porterhouse glasses. I feel all left out.

If you have a few Old Engine Oils knocking around, it's worth leaving some to age for a few years -- I found it had an interesting effect.

Mark (Halite) said...

The Keg of my pale ale that you sampled the other week ran out last night and so I will be making a trip to this weekend, I'll be sure to pick up a few bottles and hide them where I won't find them for a while.

Might even ask to see if he has any porterhouse glasses left, can't have you feeling left out :-)