Monday, November 8, 2010

Week of British Beers - Part 1

A nice, light and fruity
Summer beer
Too often I reach into my beer fridge to pick up a bottle of British beer only for my hand to be drawn towards a big American IPA or Pale Ale. This week in an effort to focus my tasting I have decided to make it a week of British Beer reviews. First up is Badger's Golden Champion.

The beer pours a light golden colour with a decent white frothy head. Aroma is all floral hops, with a hint of orange, very light and refreshing on the nose. Light bodied with a lovely mouth feel, carbonation is a little high but the beer has a nice crisp finish. Very refreshing taste, this beer is all about the floral hops with a lovely taste of elderflower on the end. Not sure if after a few bottles the elderflower aftertaste would become a bit cloying but certainly for the first bottle it is refreshing and something a bit different.

A nice summer beer, light and fruity and would make a great accompaniment to spicy food. Nothing extraordinary but well worth picking up a few bottles.

British Beer week will continue on Wednesday, still weighing up what to go for next......

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