Monday, November 15, 2010

Brew day schedule

I do not brew as often as I would like, maybe once every 6-8 weeks. Due to this I find that the day before a planned brew day I need to sit down and work out my brewing schedule. I am sure for most experienced brewers this becomes second nature, however due to my sparsity of brewing it is something I need a refresher on every now and again. Due to this, yesterday, ahead of today's brew day, I decided to put together a step by step guide or checklist that I could use on the day so that nothing got overlooked.

Below is my checklist, this of course is based on my brewing set up, however the vast majority of it should be part of any all grain brewers brew day. I would be interested in hearing any variations of this that you may use, or even if you have any comments or suggestions on my process:

Today I will be brewing this recipe, rechristened Red Hopper, due to the heavy hop schedule.


Anonymous said...

haha my comment on the post below was meant to be here. time for bed I think!

Mark (Halite) said...

" stout fellow said...
very organised! I don't think I ever manage to plan this well. Usually I find out I don't have the hop I thought I did 5 minutes before it's supposed to go in! It looks a bit like my dad's holiday packing list (he is more scatty than I am if possible)"

I find that I need something like this or undoubtedly I would forget some crucial step, maybe in a while it will become second nature but for now I'll tick the boxes :-)