Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St Patricks Day - First AG brew - Part I

gSt Patricks day is a special day for any Irishman. A day to drown yourself in Irishness and pints of the black stuff. This year St Patricks day marked my entry into all grain brewing. For the last five months I have dipped my toe into the brewing water with a couple of kit brews and four extract brews. Having fully caught the brewing bug I decided that St Patricks day would be an apt occasion to mark my entry into the world of All grain brewing. Here are some pics of the brew:

Here is the first runnings from my mash tun entering the boiler:

Mash tun as the end of the second runnings drain away:

Third runnings nearly complete, 25l transferred to the boiler:

Vigorous boil of the wort achieved:

Last ten minutes of the boil, wort chiller added in order for it to sanitise in the boiling wort:

Part II to follow.


shrekfx said...

Nicely done. Still trying to figure out how you boil in a plastic bucket. :)

Mark (Halite) said...

Hi Shrekfx, the plastic boiler is made of polypropylene which is heat safe up to about 130c (265 F), apart from that it is food safe so that you do not get any off flavours in the beer. It works perfectly :-) . Also its very cheap, a 7 gallon boiler can be made for about €40 ($60).