Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Beer Review: Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA

A love the big bitter slap
in the face that the 90 Minute
IPA delivers.
I have been looking forward to this beer ever since I tried its stable mate, the 60 Minute IPA. The name of this beer comes from the fact that during the boil part of the brewing process the wort is continually hopped for 90 minutes.

The beer pours a lovely amber colour with a thick creamy white head. Fantastic citrus hop aroma, that is slightly sharp on the nose. Medium bodied with a creamy texture, hop flavour at the beginning is replaced by a big bitter slap across the face at the end, fantastic stuff. The hop bitterness comes in quickly and lasts long after your mouth is dry. Despite the powerful bitterness and the 9% ABV this is immensly drinkable and you need to be careful as you would quickly forget the ABV as you reach for another bottle.

This is the extreme end of the hop scale, but Dogfish have taken this one step further with their 120 Minute IPA; a beer I have to try. Buy this beer now!

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TaleOfAle said...

All I can say for this beer is Nyom Nyom....